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Lightweight Front Axle

Lightweight Front Axle
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Price: $249.99
SKU: S-0122

The TPO Parts Lightweight Front Axle is both the STRONGEST and LIGHTEST axle that you can get for your Duc, period.


The TPO Lightweight Front Axle delivers two important improvements over your stock axle: First, it weighs about half what your factory axle weighs. Two, it's about 50% stiffer than stock. This not only reduces your unsprung weight, but it also improves the function and feel of your front end by reducing axle flex.

Congratulations to Van Blaylock, 2008 CMRA Heavyweight Twins Champion. Van rode to victory on his 1098S equipped with the 1098 version of this axle!

CNC-machined from billet 7068-T6 alloy, the TPO Lightweight Front Axle is a revolutionary chassis and weight-savings upgrade for your Ducati. As this article shows, TPO Parts is leading the way in the use of new, high performance alloys such as 7068; there is no better alloy for this application, not steel, not even titanium! We used computer-aided modeling to perfect the design of these axles using the 7068 alloy material. This combination of computer stress analysis and superior metallurgy is what makes the TPO Lightweight axle both stronger and lighter than the competition. Rather than simply copying the stock axle out of generic materials, we set out to manufacture the ultimate axle from the ground up. Even the hollow interior of the axle is carefully machined to the optimum shape, complete with radiused shoulders and varying wall thicknesses to optimize strength and to eliminate stress concentrations. The result is impressive: The TPO Lightweight Front Axle is not only stronger AND lighter than stock, but it is also stronger and lighter than Titanium!

The TPO Ducati Lightweight Front Axle is machined to precise standards. It is a direct drop-in replacement for the stock axle, with no modifications required. Simply remove the stock axle, insert the TPO axle and torque fasteners back to factory specs.

If you ride a different Ducati please check our other listings. We manufacture these axles for most Ducati motorcycles.

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