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Subframe Bolt Kit

Subframe Bolt Kit
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Price: $69.99
SKU: S-0248

This is a TPO Parts billet Titanium subframe bolt kit for your Ducati motorcycle. These are the important bolts which join the subframe (where you sit) to the main frame of the bike. TPO's Titanium bolts are lighter and stronger than the factory bolts--and they look great and will never rust or corrode!


Your Duc's "frame" is actually two frames bolted together. The main frame is located at the front of the bike, and holds the engine, footpegs, and the steering stem. The part you sit on, however, is a different part altogether. The seat mounts to the subframe, which is a separate part that bolts to the main frame in four places. That's where these bolts come in! These are the critical bolts which join the subframe to the main frame on your Duc.

TPO's Titanium subframe bolt kit includes four Titanium bolts and 4 matching flanged locknuts. This kit will not only save weight and eliminate corrosion, but it will also slightly stiffen the frame of the motorcycle by more effectively tying together the subframe and the main frame. These aviation grade 6AL-4V bolts are stronger than the OEM "hardware store" grade steel bolts.

Note that some other shops also sell "Titanium subframe bolts". Don't confuse those with our top-quality kit. Our bolts and nuts are made to NAS "X" grade close-specification Aerospace standards. This kit is 100% titanium, even down to the locking element in the locknuts. The bolts feature dished heads for maximum weight savings, and the nuts and bolts are both flange-type for maximum stiffness.

These bolts install easily with simple hand tools.

Check out how good they look on our 1098!

Subframe Bolt Kit
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