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Sprocket Nuts (12 Point)

Sprocket Nuts (12 Point)
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Price: $69.99
SKU: S-0004

This is a set of 6 Titanium sprocket nuts with a 12-point (double hex) head.

Looking for an easy way to improve the looks of your bike and shed some rotating weight at the same time? TPO's set of Titanium sprocket nuts is a great way to do both. These nuts replace the factory steel ones that hold your drive sprocket onto the rear axle. They're made of billet titanium, so they are both stronger and lighter than the OEM nuts. Thanks to Titanium's excellent corrosion resistance, they'll keep looking great long after the stock nuts start to rust. These nuts are also extremely tough, and will keep their shape even after frequent sprocket changes at the track.

You can install these nuts in just a few minutes with simple hand tools.

This is a race-type 12-point sprocket nut, similar to the OEM sprocket nuts, but with a nylon locking element. We also sell the standard-type 6 point socket nuts. If you are looking for a standard 6-point nut please check our other listings.

These are the nuts which secure the sprocket or sprocket hub to the cush drive on the rear axle.

Ducati Yamaha Kawasaki Honda Suzuki
Sprocket Nuts (12 Point)
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