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BEAST High-Flow Air Intake Kit

BEAST High-Flow Air Intake Kit
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Price: $249.99
SKU: S-1041

This is the original, TPO Parts


Want to maximize the performance of your late model Monster? Like the HOT ROD look of exposed air filters? Want to save nearly 2 Kg (4.4 lbs) of weight? You need the TPO BEAST Air Intake System.

The TPO BEAST Air Intake System is totally unlike any other air filter product or modification out there. This kit allows you to remove your stock airbox completely and install a pair of genuine K&N conical "pod filters" coupled with our specially designed BEAST velocity stacks. Not only does this make your bike significantly lighter, but it also offers the maximum possible airflow?giving you more power.

BETTER than the stock filter
BETTER than "open airboxes"
BETTER than a K&N, BMC or any other "performance" flat filter
BETTER than foam filters

How is this possible? The secret lies in our velocity stacks. Designed on a supercomputer with finite-element modeling and CNC-machined from solid aluminum, the special interior profile of these stacks improves airflow capability tremendously. In fact, the TPO BEAST Air Intake, with its special velocity stacks and matched K&N conical filters, can flow 18% more air than the stock intake with NO FILTER and NO AIRBOX LID at all! This translates into power gains across the board. Since the diameter of the stack bases is the same as stock the TPO BEAST system maintains the strong low end of your engine while simultaneously giving you a power boost all the way up to redline.

The K&N filters are specially matched to the velocity stacks. In addition to maximizing the performance of this kit, they have a one million mile warranty, and never need to be replaced! Just clean them according to the included instructions every 30,000 miles. Installing this kit is not weather-sensitive; you can ride in the rain or park outside with no ill effects.

Like all TPO products, the BEAST Air Intake System comes in a complete, ready-to-install kit. With some basic tools, you will be ready to unleash the BEAST in less than an hour.  This kit includes:

  • Instructions
  • One pair of velocity stacks
  • One pair of K&N air filters
  • Precision-cut ignition coil mounting bracket
  • Stainless Steel hardware

The BEAST Air Intake System is for 2002 and newer Fuel injected monsters (600, 620, 750, 800, 900 & 1000), EXCEPT the S4 and S4R. It works on all other Monster variants including "Dark", "S", "Metallic", "IE" etc. While it is possible to install this kit on your bike without tuning, TPO recommends that you take your bike to your dealer and have them tune your ECU to maximize the performance gains of this kit. Tuning requires an exhaust gas analyzer and should take less than fifteen minutes. You do NOT have to buy "chips" or other expensive tuning devices.

Note that this kit REQUIRES an aftermarket crankcase breather filter. If you need one, check our other auctions or contact us by Email.  If you ride a 4-valve Monster such as the S4, S4R, or SR4S, please check our other listings for the Beast-4V!


NOTE: There are significant differences in the dynamic power gains between the basic and Type -R BEAST Kit. Please read this FAQ here to find out more about this.


Please note that this kit does not fit 4-valve models such as S4, S4R, and S4RS. If you have a 4-valve Monster please check our other listings or contact us for the appropriate kit for your Duc.

BEAST High-Flow Air Intake Kit
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BEAST High-Flow Air Intake Kit
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BEAST High-Flow Air Intake Kit
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BEAST High-Flow Air Intake Kit
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