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BEAST-R High-Flow Air Intake Kit

BEAST-R High-Flow Air Intake Kit
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Price: $349.99
SKU: S-1042

The TPO BEAST-R is and upgraded version the original TPO BEAST high-performance air intake kit for your Ducati Monster.


Monster riders have known for years that the TPO BEAST Kit delivers fantastic performance, sound, and weight savings. Certain Monster riders (you know who you are) have asked for MORE POWER and we've delivered. The TPO BEAST-R package is similar to the original TPO BEAST Kit, but it has newly redesigned velocity stacks and new K&N Filters.

The velocity stacks are key to the massive performance gains of the BEAST Kit. However, whereas the original BEAST Kit was designed to be a no-compromise product, the stacks on the BEAST-R were designed with a different goal: Maximum peak horsepower gains, period. The BEAST-R delivers even more airflow than the original kit, thanks to the new velocity stack design and even larger K&N filters. In fact, the BEAST-R intake is capable of producing 5 HP more than the standard BEAST Kit on the 900cc engine, and about 7 more HP on the 1000cc engine. Put this kit on a Monster S2R and you'll be amazed at how hard the bike pulls on the top end.

The TPO BEAST-R kit is a direct bolt-on just like the standard kit. However, it includes the new -R type velocity stacks (anodized bright red), and larger K&N Filters.

The TPO BEAST-R Air Intake System is totally unlike any other air filter product or modification out there. This kit replaces the restrictive stock airbox assembly with our specially designed BEAST-R velocity stacks and matched K&N Air filters. Not only does this make your bike significantly lighter, but it also offers the maximum possible airflow--giving you more power.

  • BETTER than the stock filter
  • BETTER than "open airboxes"
  • BETTER than a K&N, BMC, TwinAir, or any other "performance" flat filter
  • BETTER than foam filters

How is this possible?

The secret to the performance gains of the BEAST-R kit lies in the velocity stacks. These are billet aluminum "funnels" which guide intake air into the throttle body of your engine. We designed the BEAST-R velocity stacks using sophisticated computerized airflow modeling software which runs on a supercomputer (COSMOS and Abaqus). Our computer-optimized design was then tested and fine-tuned on a flowbench and again on a dyno.

We combined our special BEAST-R stacks with a matched set of K&N Air filters. These air filters have nearly twice the surface area of the OEM filter--EACH. This provides a much lower pressure drop across the filter, feeding your engine all the air it needs without restriction.

TPO BEAST-R Air Intake, with its special velocity stacks and matched K&N conical filters, can flow 18% more air than the stock intake with NO FILTER and NO AIRBOX LID at all! This translates into power gains across the board: The BEAST-R kit provides more horsepower from off-idle all the way through Redline!

Our K&N filters have a one million mile warranty, and never need to be replaced! Just clean them according to the included instructions every 30,000 miles.Installing this kit is not weather-sensitive; you can ride in the rain or park your bike outside with no ill effects.

The BEAST-R Air Intake comes in a complete, ready-to-install kit. With some basic tools, you will be ready to unleash the BEAST-R in less than an hour. This kitincludes:

  • Step-by-step directions with color photos
  • One pair of velocity stacks
  • One pair of genuine, pre-oiled, K&N air filters
  • Precision-cut bracket
  • Stainless Steel hardware

Want to know the bottom line?

  • Four pounds of weigh saved
  • Up to 10 HP increase
  • Increased HP and torque throughout the RPM range of your engine, especially at the top end.
  • Awesome sound when you hit the throttle

The BEAST-R Air Intake System is for 2002-2007 Fuel injected monsters, EXCEPT the 4-valve models (S4, S4R, and S4RS). It works on all other Monster variants including "Dark", "S", "Metallic", "IE", "S2", "S2R", etc. While it is possible to install this kit on your bike without tuning, TPO recommends that you take your bike to your dealer and have them tune your ECU to maximize the performance gains of this kit. Tuning is optional, but suggested because it will maximize the HP gains of the kit. Tuning requires an exhaust gas analyzer and should take less than fifteen minutes using adjustments that are built into your bike's ECU from the factory. You do NOT have to buy "chips", "Power Commanders" or other expensive tuning devices.

The exact HP gain from the BEAST-R Kit will depend on your engine size as well as what other modifications you have on your motorcycle.  This kit can also be used on the Ducati 1000SS or Hypermotard with some minor changes to the installation procedure.  Please contact us for more information.


NOTE: There are significant differences in the dynamic power gains between the basic and Type -R BEAST Kit. Please read this FAQ here to find out more about this.


There are significant differences in the dynamic power gains between the basic and Type -R BEAST Kit.

BEAST-R High-Flow Air Intake Kit
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BEAST-R High-Flow Air Intake Kit
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